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Discussion Papers by Institute of Social Science Reserchers These discussion papers are portable document format (PDF) files, which you can download and view using Adobe Acrobat . Click on a title to download a paper. Please note that all these papers are in English.

No. Author Title Publishment
F-198 Naofumi NAKAMURA Trading locomotives between the US and Japan: A case of Okura & Co. around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries (PDF File) Jul. 2022
F-197 Wataru TANAKA and Masaki IWASAKI Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in How Institutional Investors Perceive Corporate and Securities Regulations (PDF File) Dec. 2021
F-196 Naofumi NAKAMURA The First Globalization and the US-East Asian Locomotive Trade: Focusing on Baldwin Locomotive Work and Frazar & Co. in Japan (PDF File) Aug. 2021
F-195 Hiroyuki HOSHIRO Alliances, Security Externalities, and Donor Coordination (PDF File) Oct. 2020
F-194 Shuhei NAKA Analysis of Differentials across Municipalities in Regional Job Support Program: Based on the Survey in Osaka Prefecture (PDF File) Nov. 2019
F-193 Shuhei NAKA Income Structures of Self-employment in Professional Occupations(PDF File) Sep. 2019
F-192 Naofumi NAKAMURA The Training School for Railway Engineers: An early example of an inter-firm vocational school in Japan Sep. 2019
F-191 Mayo MORIMOTO Effects of Electrification on the Production and Distribution in the Coal Industry: Evidence from 1900s Japan (PDF File) Mar. 2019
F-190 Kenji ISHIDA, Shin ARITA, Keiko GENJI and Mei KAGAWA The Opportunity Structure of Local Employment of Japanese Workers in Hong Kong: A Perspective from Staffing Agencies (PDF File) Dec. 2018
F-189 Kenji Ishida The Status Attainment Structure for Immigrants in Japan: An Empirical Analysis Comparing Native Japanese with First- and Second-Generation Immigrants (PDF File) Apr. 2018
F-188 Izumi Mori The Effect of Private Junior High School Attendance on Educational Expectations and Academic Self-Concept in Japan (PDF File) Sep. 2017
F-187 Yu Mandai and Masaki Nakabayashi Stabilize the Peasant Economy: Governance of Foreclosure by the Shogunate (PDF File) Sep. 2017
(revised Nov. 2017)
F-186 Shintaro Yamaguchi, Yukiko Asai and Ryo Kambayashi Effects of Subsidized Childcare on Mothers' Labor Supply Under a Rationing Mechanism (PDF File) Apr. 2017
F-185 Hideo Owan and Tsuyoshi Tsuru Integrating High-Powered Performance Pay into a Seniority Wage System (PDF File) Apr. 2017
F-184 Shintaro Yamaguchi, Yukiko Asai and Ryo Kambayashi How Does Early Childcare Enrollment Affect Children, Parents, and Their Interactions? (PDF File) Mar. 2017
F-183 아리타 신 패널 조사와 국제비교 조사를 통해 본 일본사회의 불평등 한국과의 비교를 중심으로 (PDF File) Feb. 2017
F-182 Shin ARITA A Comparative Analysis of Social Stratification in Japan, Korea and Taiwan: Where is the Locus of Social Inequality? (PDF File) Feb. 2017
F-181 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Self-fulfilling Distortion and Ownership Structure: At the Dawn of the Japanese Capitalism (PDF File) Sep. 2016
(revised Sep. 2017)
F-180 Naofumi NAKAMURA Diversification and Convergence: The development of locomotive technology in Meiji Japan Jun. 2016
F-179 Izumi Mori Trends in Socioeconomic Achievement Gap in Japan: Implications for Educational Inequality(PDF File) Mar. 2016
F-178 Izumi Mori The Effects of Supplementary Tutoring on Students’ Mathematics Achievement in Japan and the United States (PDF File) Dec. 2015
F-177 Yukiko Asai, Ryo Kambayashi and Shintaro Yamaguchi Crowding-Out Effect of Publicly Provided Childcare: Why Maternal Employment Did Not Increase (PDF File) Jul. 2015
F-176 Yuji Genda Mark Rebick’s Memorial and Hope in Japan (PDF File) Jun. 2015
F-175 Yuji Genda An International Comparison of Hope and Happiness Between Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States (PDF File) Jun. 2015
F-174 Naofumi NAKAMURA Reconsidering the Roles of the State in Technological Development: Railways and Government in Early Meiji Japan May. 2015
F-173 Mayo Sakai Screening and Monitoring Miners: Recruitment and Personnel Management in Japanese Coal Mining (PDF File) May. 2015
F-172 Hiroyuki Hoshiro Building an “East Asian Community” in vain: Japan's Power Shift and Regionalism in the New Millennium (PDF File) Feb. 2015
F-171 Yukiko Asai, Ryo Kambayashi and Shintaro Yamaguchi Childcare Availability, Household Structure, and Maternal Employment (PDF File) Sep. 2014
F-170 Naofumi NAKAMURA Asset Specificity and Boundaries of Firms: Coal Mines and Railways in Japan at the Turn of the 20th Century March. 2014
F-169 Yukiko ASAI Parental Leave Reforms and the Employment of New Mothers: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Japan (PDF File) April. 2014
F-168 Masaki NAKABAYASHI From the Substance to the Shadow: The Court Embedded into Japanese Labor Markets (PDF File) Feb. 2014
(revised June. 2016)
F-167 Toshiki KAWASHIMA and Masaki NAKABAYASHI Structural Disposal and Cyclical Adjustment: Non-performing Loans, Structural Transition, and Regulatory Reform in Japan, 1997-2011(PDF File) Feb. 2014
(revised July. 2016)
F-166 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Honesty, Diligence, and Skill: Risk Sharing and Specialization in the Kiryu Silk Weaving Cluster, Japan (PDF File) Dec. 2013
(revised July 2016)
F-165 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Contained Crisis and Socialized Risk: Unconventional Monetary Policy by the Bank of Japan in the 1890s (PDF File) Nov. 2013
(revised Feb. 2017)
F-164 Mayo SAKAI Referral Hiring of Miners: Case from the Coal Industry in Early Twentieth Century Japan Oct. 2013
(revised Apr. 2017)
F-163 Aigerim ZHANGALIYEVA and Masaki NAKABAYASHI Heritage from Czar: The Russian Dual System of Schooling and Signaling (PDF File) Sep. 2013
F-162 Hiroyuki HOSHIRO Regionalization and Regionalism in East Asia (PDF File) Mar. 2013
F-161 Naofumi NAKAMURA Railway and Government in Meiji Japan: With a Focus on Nationalisation Jul. 2012
F-160 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Price, Quality, and Organization: Branding in the Japanese silk-reeling industry (PDF File) Apr. 2012
(revised Mar. 2013)
F-159 Eisaku IDE and Takaharu SHIMADA Rationality and Limits of Japan's Welfare State Historical and Comparative Perspective Jan. 2012
F-158 Kenji HIRASHIMA Die japanische Politik im Wandel: Parteipolitik und institutionelle Reformen (PDF File) Dec. 2011
F-157 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Extended Schooling and Internalized Training: Skill Elements Evolution of Blue-collar Workers in an Internal Labor Market(PDF File) Sep. 2011
(revised Apr. 2015)
F-156 Changmin Lee Why did open-port-brokerage businesses in the rice trade vanish in prewar Korea? May. 2011
F-155 Sachiko KURODA and Isamu YAMAMOTO What determines work hours?: who you work with or where you work? (PDF File) Mar. 2011
F-154 Yuji GENDA, Sachiko KURODA, and Souichi OHTA Does downsizing take a toll on retained staff?: An analysis of increased working hours during recessions using Japanese micro data (PDF File) Mar. 2011
F-153 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Acquired Skills and Learned Abilities: Wage Dynamics of Blue-collar Workers in Internal Labor Markets (PDF File) Feb. 2011
(revised Jan. 2015)
F-152 Tomoko TSUCHIDA Involvement of the NGO Networks in the Process of Establishment and Revision of the Domestic Violence Prevention Law: A Comparative Study between Japan and South Korea Mar. 2010
F-151 Toshihiro MATSUMURA and Makoto OKAMURA Competition and Privatization Policy: The Relative Performance Approach(PDF File) Aug. 2009
F-150 Toshihiro MATSUMURA, Takeshi MUROOKA and Akira OGAWA Randomized Strategy Equilibrium and Simultaneous-Move Outcome in the Action Commitment Game with a Small Cost of Leading(PDF File) Aug. 2009
F-149 Mayo MORIMOTO The technological progress and the transformation of labor organization: Modernization of Japanese coal mining from the 1900s to 1930s(PDF File) Jul. 2009
(revised Sep. 2009)
F-148 Daisuke HIRATA and Toshihiro MATSUMURA On the uniquness of Bertrand equilibrim(PDF File) Jul. 2009
F-147 Sachiko KURODA and Isamu YAMAMOTO How are hours worked and wages affected by labor regulations?: ?The white-collar exemption and ‘name-only managers’ in Japan ?(PDF File) Jul. 2009
F-146 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Institutions and economic development of early modern Japan(PDF File) Jun. 2009
(revised Aug. 2009)
F-145 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Poaching, Courts, and Settlements: Complementarity of Governance in Labor Markets(PDF File) Jun. 2009
(revised Jan. 2014)
F-144 Masaki NAKABAYASHI Peasants, Landlords, and Risk: Moritaro Yamada on the Duality of the Japanese Capitalism (PDF File) Mar. 2009
(revised Oct. 2018)
F-143 Yasuo TAKATSUKI The Formation of an Efficient Market in Tokugawa Japan (PDF File) Nov. 2008
F-142 Masaki Nakabayashi Imposed Efficiency of Treaty Ports: Japanese Industrialization and Western Imperialist Institutions (PDF File) Nov. 2008 (revised Dec. 2013)
F-141 Yasuo TAKATSUKI Informational Efficiency under the Shogunate Governance: Concentration and Integration of the Rice Market in Tokugawa Japan (PDF File) Sep. 2008
F-140 田島俊雄 刘易斯转折点和中国的农业农村经济问题 (PDF File) 2008年6月
F-139 田島俊雄 软件服务外包业的雁行发展:人力资本和产业集聚 (PDF File) 2008年6月
F-138 Nobuhiro HIWATARI International Recessions, Disinflationary Constraints and Employment Adjustment: The implications of Japan’s deficit spending during the 1990s recession Jun. 2008
F-137 Nobuhiro HIWATARI Identifying the Domestic Anchors of U.S. Foreign Policy: Agenda setting, partisan strategies, and ends-meet-the-center voting Jun. 2008
F-135 中国経済史研討会 伝統経済向現代経済転型的比較研究 2007年10月
F-134 Masayuki OTAKI A unified dynamic microeconomic foundation for two alternative premises on money: Reconciliation of Keynesian and monetarist views Sep. 2007
F-133 Masayuki OTAKI A Welfare Economics Foundation for the Full-Employment Policy Aug. 2007
F-132 亜東経済史研討会 経済発展與歴史認識:以台湾和中国為主 2007年7月
F-131 Hidenori TSUTSUMI and Takayoshi UEKAMI Party Policy Coherence in Japan: Evidence from 2003 Candidate-Level Electoral Platform Mar. 2007
F-130 Takayoshi UEKAMI and Daisuke SHIMIZU The Consistency of Electoral Systems: A Theoretical Review and Hypoheses Mar. 2007
F-129 Mandira Sarma and Yuko NIKAIDO Capital Adequacy Regime in India Mar. 2007
F-128 Masayuki OTAKI The dynamic microeconomics of the fiscal multiplier and a normative foundation for macroeconomic policy Sep. 2006
F-127 OMORI Sawa Exploring Political Determinants of the Magnitude of Financial Reforms in Developing Countries Aug. 2006
F-126 SATO Iwao Welfare Regime Theories and the Japanese Housing System Jun. 2006
F-125 OMORI Sawa Measuring Financial Reforms May 2006
F-124 OTAKI Masayuki The Dynamically Extended Keynesian Cross and the Welfare-improving Fiscal Policy May 2006
F-123 NAKAMURA Naofumi Personnel Management and the Formation of Modern Business Organisation: The Railway Industry in Japan before the First World War May 2006
F-122 INUZUKA Hajime Arihiro Fukuda (1964-2003) : His Works and Achievements (PDF File) Mar. 2006
F-121 SHIMIZU Daisuke and TACHI Kentaro Policy Interaction on North-South FTA Targeting Outsiders’ Export and FDI Mar. 2006
F-120 王京滨 日本战后的城镇化发展与财政投融资 Dec. 2005
F-119 Klaus H. Goetz Europeanization and Territory Nov. 2005
F-118 MIYAJIMA Yoshiaki and KIM Hyun-sung Globalization, Non-globalization, or Regionalization?: In cases of Japan and Korea Sep. 2005
F-117 田島俊雄 二十世紀的中国化学工業:永利化工・天原電化及其時代 Feb. 2005
F-116 NAKAMURA Tamio The EU as a Plural Constitutional Order: An approach to the Constitutional Treaty Nov. 2004
F-115 SUGINOHARA Masako Handling Japan’s Banking Crisis, 1997-98:Gaiatsu or Not? (PDF File) Jun. 2004
F-114 KIKKAWA Takeo The Japanese Economy and Corporations in the 1990s (revised version) Mar. 2004
F-113 INUZUKA Hajime David Hume’s Politics: Inheritance and Renewal of the TraditionalPolitical Thought (PDF File) Mar. 2004
F-112 NAKAMURA Keisuke Personnel Management in Japanese Prefecture Governments Dec. 2003
F-111 ISHIDA Hiroshi Inequality in Access to Higher Education in Post-war Japan Nov. 2003
F-110 SHIBUYA Hiroshi and NEGISHI Takehiko The Japanese Welfare State under Pax-Americana: Uneven Development and Income Redistribution through Health Insurance Oct. 2003
F-109 Romdej Phisalaphong The impact of ASEAN market unification on inward Japanese FDI: A comparison with the Single European Market Jan. 2004
F-108 Paulo, Brazil and Emilio Dellasoppa The Enduring Burden of Death: Years of Life Lost in Rio de Janeiro and São Mar. 2003
F-107 Emilio Dellasoppa Corruption in Post-anthoritarian Brazil: An Overview and Many Open Questions Feb. 2003
F-106 SHIMIZU Daisuke and MATSUMURA Toshihiro Equilibria for Circular Spatial Cournot Markets Sep. 2002
F-105 TABATA Hirokuni Neoliberalism and Labour : A Historical Approach Sep. 2002
F-102 ISHIDA Hiroshi Paths Into and Paths Out of Self-employment in Japan Jun. 2002
F-101 HARADA Sumitaka Quelques observations comparatives entre le Japon et la France sur le droit patrimonial de la Famille: A propos des droits du conjoint survivant Mar. 2002
F-100 Ehud Harari Direct Election of Japanese Prime Ministers? Lessons from the Israeli Experience Mar. 2002
F-99 KUDO Akira The Policital Process of the IG Ferben Dissolution Mar. 2002
F-98 KUDO Akira Search for Stability: Siemens in Interwar-Period Japan Mar. 2002
F-97 KUDO Akira A Note on the Comparison of the Japanese and German Capitalism Mar. 2002
F-96 NAKAMURA Tamio The Direction of the European Constitution After the Nice Treaty Feb. 2002
F-95 Ewa Palasz-Rutkowska “The Other” in Intercultural Contacts The Image of Japan in Poland at the End of the Nineteenth and the Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries and in the Interwar Period (on the Basis of Selected Publications) Oct. 2001
F-94 MIURA Mari Globalization and Reforms of Labor Market Institutions: Japan and Major OECD Countries (PDF File) Jul. 2001
F-93 MIURA Mari The New Politics of Labor: Shifting Veto Points and Representing the Un-organized (PDF File) Jul. 2001
F-92 KUDO Akira Second Trial for Catching up: The Introduction of German Technology and theEmergence of the Petrochemical Industry in Postwar Japan Sep. 2001
F-91 MASUYAMA Mikitaka The Japanese Diet in the 1990s Mar. 2001
F-90 OTAKI Masayuki A Simple Unified Macroeconomic Theory: Keynessia-Neoclassicals Controversy as an Equilibrium Selection Problem Mar. 2001
F-89 KUDO Akira and IHARA Motoi Innovation through Thorough Imitation, The Consumer Chemicals Industry and the Case of Kao Dec. 2000
F-88 OTAKI Masayuki Does Risk Sharing Hypothesis Really Support Nominal Wage Contract? Aug. 2000
F-87 ISHIDA Hiroshi Industrialization and Class Mobility in Post-war Japan Dec. 1999
F-86 OTAKI Masayuki Neoclassical Interprepation of the Theory of Effective Demand Sep. 1999
F-85 SMITH, Kerry A Land of Milk and Honey: Rural Revitalization in the 1930s Apr. 1999
F-84 OTAKI Masayuki On the Theory of Effective Demand: A Neoclassical Interpretation Mar. 1999
F-83 SHIBUYA Hiroshi Pax-Americana System and Japanese Welfare State Mar. 1999
F-82 WASWO, Ann Urban Housing Policy in 20th-Century Japan Jan. 1999
F-81 KAWAI Masahiro Evolving Patterns of Capital Flous and the East Asian Economic Crisis Dec. 1998
F-80 HARARI, Ehud Creative and Reckless Adventurousness: Knowledge, Power and Governance [In]Effectiveness in Japan: The Economic Bubble and Its Aftermath. Nov. 1998
F-79 HIWATARI Nobuhiro Party-State Relations and the Transformation of Conservative Party Rule in France, Italy, and Japan Nov. 1998
F-78 KAWAI Masahiro and AKIYAMA Shigeru The Role of Nominal Anchor Currencies in Exchange Rate Arrangements Oct. 1998
F-77 OHARAI Hidetaka Sraffa’s Criticism of Hayek, in Defense of Keynes’ Treatise Oct. 1998
F-76 DOI Takero Is Japanese Local Finance Really Centralized?: From Viewpoint of the Revenue-Expenditure Nexus (PDF File) Sep. 1998
F-75 DOI Takero Environmental Taxes and Pollution Control in the International Economy Sep. 1998
F-74 KUDO Akir The Range of Technology Introduction: The Case of Japan’s Petrochemical Industry Sep. 1998
F-73 KUDO Akira The Trajectory of European Integration: Possibilities for Substituting Hegemony Sep. 1998
F-72 DOI Takero New Evidence on the Median Voter Hypothesis in Japan (PDF File) Aug. 1998
F-71 HIWATARI Nobuhiro The Politics of Reform and Transformation of the Postwar Party Systems in Italy and Japan Aug. 1998
F-70 KUDO Akira Americanization or Europeanization?: European Direct Investments in Japan Jul. 1998
F-69 DOI Takero Empirics of the Median Voter Hypothesis in Japan (PDF File) May 1998
F-68 DOI Takero Central Bank Independence Promotes Budgetary Efficiency (PDF File) Apr. 1998
F-67 J. A. A. STOCKWIN Is There Such a Thing as the Asian Model of Democracy? Jan. 1998
F-66 HIWATARI Nobuhiro The End of the Postwar Party System in Japan: Implications for Comparative Research Dec. 1997
F-65 KAWAI Masahiro and OHARA Hidetaka Nonstationarity of Real Exchange Rates in the G7 Countries: Are They Cointegrated with Real Variables? Sep. 1997
F-64 OTAKI Masayuki and KAWANISHI Satoshi A Dynamic Microeconomic Foundation for Multiplier Analysis Sep. 1997
F-63 KAWAI Masahiro and URATA Shujiro Foreign Direct Investment in Japan: Empirical Analyses of Interactions Between FDI Inflows and Trade Aug. 1997
F-62 MIYAOKA Isao Foreign Pressure and the Japanese Policymaking Process: A Theoretical Framework (PDF File) Aug. 1997
F-61 KAWAI Masahiro Japan as a Creditor Nation: What is Happening to Its Net External Assets? Jul. 1997