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ISS Symposiums

No. Theme Date
30th Disaster Risk Reduction and Gender Equality: What are Suggested from a Questionnaire Survey of Japanese Municipalities in FY2017 February 1 2019
29th Beyond the "Inward-Looking Society"
International Symposium
July 25 2017
28th Keep Gendering the Knowledge Economy
International Symposium
November 13 2016
27th An Intergenerational Panel Discussion with Women Pioneers of DRR: Diversity and Risk Governance
International Symposium
February 16 2016
26th The Science of Japanese Personnel Practices
International Symposium
July 12 2013
25th The Resilient Employment System
International Symposium
January 11 2013
24th Governance of Contemporary Japan
International Symposium
December 1 2010
23th Aspect of Comtemporary Japan and Korea
International Symposium
February 5 2010
22th Faces of Social Exclusion from a Gender Perspective
International Symposium
February 28 2009
21th Contemplating China’s Property Law
International Symposium
August 31 2007
20th Beyond the ‘Lost Decade’
International Symposium
March 22 2006
19th Post Crisis Settlements from a Gender Perspective
International Symposium
February 19 2005
18th ‘New Economy’ in a Global Era: Comparative Gender Analysis of US, Europe and Japan II
International Symposium
March 4 2004
17th ‘New Economy’ in a Global Era: Comparative Gender Analysis of US, Europe and Japan
International Symposium
September 3 2002
16th The Welfare State and Market Logic
International Symposium
July 27 2002
15th Financial liberalization and Financial Crises: Asia, Latin America and the IMF
International Symposium
July 23 2002
14th The Future of the European Union: New Approaches
International Symposium
May 22 2002
13th Japan and the Transforming International Order: Bilateral Relations, Regional Arrangements, and Global Regines March 12-14 2001
12th Jana’s Rural Society in the 20th Century
International Symposium
December 14-15 2000
11th Managing Development and Transition in a Globalizing World
International Symposium
September 11-12 2000
10th Japan’s Rural Society in the 20th Century
International Symposium
March 21-22 2000
9th Postwar Social Contracts under Stress: The Middle Classes of Japan, Europe and America at the Century’s End
International Symposium
June 14-16 1999
8th The 20th Century and the Memorized Future June 5 1998
7th Development and Female Workers in Asia
International Symplsium/ co-sponsored with the Center of Gender Studies at Ochanomizu Women University
December 17 1996
6th Is the Japanese Political and Economic System Going to Change? December 10 1994
5th The New World Fiscal Order (The New World Fiscal Order)
an international roundtable conference co-sponsored with the Urban Institute, U.S.A., and the Institute of Fiscal and Monetary Policy of the Japanese Ministry of Finance
November 11 1994
4th Welfare States and Market Mechanisms
International Symposium
September 4-5 1992
3rd Socialism in Asia: What is Socialism? (Part 3) July 4 1992
2nd Japanese Social Democracy: What is Socialism? (Part 2) December 14 1991
1st Socialism and Europe: What is Socialism? February 2 1991