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Research Staff

WEESE, Eric Gordon

Division Department of Comparative Contemporary Economics
Research Fields Political Economics
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Teaching and Research Appointments

2019 − Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
2016 − 2019 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
2010 − 2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Yale University
2009 − 2010 JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University

Topics of Research

1Parameter estimation and simulation of coalition formation games
2Causes and effects of political boundary changes
3Terrorism and insurgency

Selected Publications

  • Caro-Burnett, J., & Weese, E. (2023). "UN Security Council Elections as an Incentive for Compliance", Journal of Conflict Resolution, 0(0), 2023.
  • "European Political Boundaries as the Outcome of a Self-Organizing Process", Jounal of Social Science, 74, 2023,pp.21-43.
  • Francesco Trebbi, Eric Weese, Austin L. Wright and Andrew Shaver (2020), Insurgent Learning, Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy : Vol. 1: No. 3, pp 417-448. doi:10.1561/113.00000013
  • Trebbi, F. and Weese, E. (2019), Insurgency and Small Wars: Estimation of Unobserved Coalition Structures. Econometrica, 87: 463-496. doi:10.3982/ECTA14436
  • Weese, E. (2015), Political mergers as coalition formation: An analysis of the Heisei municipal amalgamations. Quantitative Economics, 6: 257-307. doi:10.3982/QE442

Working Papers

Educational Activities

Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo Political Economics
Topics in Political Economics