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Research Staff

Sho Fujihara

Division The Center for Social Research and Data Archives,
Quantitative Social Research Group
Research fields Sociology

Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2013 −
Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, Univ. of Tokyo

Topics of research

1Trends in Inequality of Educational Opportunity
2Mechanism of Educational Decision-Making
3Sociological Research Utilizing Data from Panel Surveys
4Construction of Scales for Occupational Status

Selected publications

  • Kikkawa, Toru and Sho Fujihara. 2012. "Class Awareness in Japan and the U.S.: Expansion and Stability.” Sociological Theory and Methods 27(2):205–24. J-STAGE
  • Fujihara, Sho and Hiroshi Ishida. 2016. “The Absolute and Relative Values of Education and the Inequality of Educational Opportunity: Trends in Access to Education in Postwar Japan.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 43:25–37 https://doi:10.1016/j.rssm.2016.03.001
  • Fujihara, Sho, Toru Kikkawa, and Carmi Schooler. 2018. “Work Made Us What We Are: Complexity of Work, Self-directedness of Orientation, and Intellectual Flexibility of Older US and Japanese Men.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. 54:36–45.
  • Tabuchi, Takahiro, Sho Fujihara, Tomohiro Shinozaki, and Hiroyuki Fukuhara. 2018. “Determinants of High-School Dropout: A Longitudinal Study in a Deprived Area of Japan.” Journal of Epidemiology.
  • Fujihara, Sho and Fumiya Uchikoshi. 2018 “Declining Association with Persistent Gender Asymmetric Structure: Patterns and Trends in Educational Assortative Marriage in Japan, 1950–1979.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.
  • Fujihara, Sho. 2020. “Socio-Economic Standing and Social Status in Contemporary Japan: Scale Constructions and Their Applications.” European Sociological Review. DOI
  • Sho Fujihara. 2020. “Book Review: Kōtō kyōiku kikai no chiiki kakusa: Chihō ni okeru kōkōsei no daigaku shingaku kōdō (Regional Disparities in Opportunities for Higher Education: University Enrollment Behavior among High School Students in Rural Areas).” Social Science Japan Journal 23(2):342–346

Teaching and Research Appointments

Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Univedrsity of Tokyo Research in Social Stratification
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Univedrsity of Tokyo Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences I
Faculty of Letters, Univedrsity of Tokyo Research Methods in Sociology
Faculty of Education, Univedrsity of Tokyo Quantitative Educational Research Methodology