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Research Staff

Nagayoshi Kikuko

Division Department of Comparative Contemporary Societies
Research Fields Public Opinion Research

Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2020 − Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Topics of Research

1Public opinions about immigrants
2Integration of immigrants in Japan
3Public opinion formations in the cyber space
4Public opinions about welfare policies
5Research on methods of survey experiments

Selected Publications

  • (co-authored with Akira Igarashi)"Norms to be prejudiced: List experiments on attitudes towards immigrants in Japan." Social Science Research 102,February 2022.(
  • The Political Orientation of Japanese Online Right-wingers. Pacific Affairs Vol. 94, No.1, pp. 5-31, 2021.
  • Japanese Attitudes Toward China and the United States: A Sociological Analysis.(Co-authored with Gong, Shun.) Chinese Sociological Review 51 (3): 251-270, July 2019.
  • Economic Integration of Skilled Migrants in Japan: The Role of Employment Practice. (Co-authored with Hilary Holbrow) International Migration Review 52 (2): 458-86, August 2018.
  • Political Polarization in Social Media: Analysis of the "Twitter Political Field" in Japan. (Co-authored with Hiroki Takikawa) The Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data. (, December 2017.
  • Anti-immigration attitudes in different welfare states: Do types of labor market policies matter? (Co-authored with Mikael Hjerm) International Journal of Comparative Sociology 56 (2): 141-62, April 2015.
  • Who Supports Redistributive Policies in Contemporary Japan? An Integrative Approach to Self-Interest and Trust Models. (Co-authored with Yoshimichi Sato) International Sociology 29: 302-23, July 2014.

Educational Activities