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Research Staff

Iwao Sato

Division Department of Comparative Contemporary Law
Research fields Sociology of Law

Teaching and Research Appointments

October 2000 − September 2005 Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
September 2002 − March 2003 Visiting Professor, Free University of Berlin, Germany
January 2005 − September 2005 Senior Visiting Researcher, Leiden University, The Netherlands
October 2005 − Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
April 2014 − March 2016 Vice Director, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
April 2018 − Director, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Topics of research

1Legalization of Modern Society
2Comparative socio-legal Study on Judicial System
3Survey on Access to Justice
4Law of Nonprofit and Cooperative
5Welfare Regime Theory and the Japanese Housing System

Publications (2014- )


  • Japanese Lawyers in Transition, co-edited with R. Hamano, Tokyo: Nippon Hyoron-sha, February 2015, 250pp. (in Japanese)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Legal Consciousness and Behavior of the Employers at the Small and Medium Enterprises: Some Findings from the Labor Tribunal Survey 2011,” The Central Labor Review, No.1178, July 2014, pp.4-12. (in Japanese)
  • “Measuring the Performance and the Problems of the Legal Assistance Measures to Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake: Major Findings from the Survey on the Legal Assistance Measures to Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake,” Comprehensive Legal Support Review, No.5, September 2014, pp.73-100.(in Japanese)
  • “Foreword: Some Problems of the Gender Equality and the Research Ethics in the Socio-legal Studies,” The Newsletter of The Japanese Association of Sociology of Law, No.99, January 2015, p.1. (in Japanese)
  • “Towards Sustainable Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake: From the Viewpoint of the Governance of Reconstruction,” the Sociology of Law, No.81, February 2015, pp.152-165. (in Japanese)
  • “Exploring the Functions and Problems of the Japanese Labor Tribunal System,” Quarterly Labor Law, No.248, Spring 2015, pp.74-81. (in Japanese)

Selected Publications ( -2013)

  • Modern State and the General Clause: A Comparative Socio-legal Study of the Rent Acts and Housing Policy, Tokyo: Sobun-sha, February 1999, 338pp. (in Japanese)
  • Environmental Protection and Law, co-edited with H. Matsumoto and S. Nishitani, Tokyo: Shinzan-sha, March 1999, 602pp. (in Japanese)
  • Judicial Statistics in Europe, Vol. I & II (ISS Research Series, No. 38 and No. 39), co-edited with T. Hatano, Y. Misaka, H. Takahashi, M. Kotani and M. Hayashi, March 2010, 126+146pp. (in Japanese)
  • Evaluation of the Practice of Civil Litigation System from the Users Perspective, co-edited with I. Sugawara and K. Yamamoto, Tokyo: Nippon Hyoron-sha, 321pp. (in Japanese)
  • The Governance of Reconstruction from the Great East Earthquake (ISS Research Series, No.51), August 2012, 124pp. (edited volume with keynote speech) (in Japanese)
  • Research on User Experience of the Labor Tribunal System in Japan, co-edited with K. Sugeno, M. Nitta and Y. Mizumachi, Tokyo: Yuhikaku, pp.288. (in Japanese)
  • “Rechtssoziologische Aspekte der Mobilisierung des Rechts im Bereich des Umweltrechts in Japan,” D. Leipold (Hrsg.), Umweltschutz und Recht in Deutschland und Japan, Heidelberg: C.F.Mueller, 2000, S.103-115. (in German)
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  • “Welfare Regime Theories and the Japanese Housing System,” Y. Hirayama et al. (eds.), Housing and Social Transition in Japan, London: Routledge, December 2006, pp.73-93.
  • “‘Psychologicalized Reality’ and the Publicness of Law,” Trends in the Sciences, Vol. 12 No.8, August 2007, pp.30-34. (in Japanese)
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  • “Towards the Everyday-life based Legal Support for Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident Evacuees,” Trends in the Sciences, Vol. 19 No.2, February 2014, pp. 54-58. (in Japanese)
  • Final Report of the Survey on the Legal Assistance to Victims and Evacuees of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tokyo: Nihon Shiho Shien Center, 337pp. (co-edit and advice) (in Japanese)
  • “How Users Evaluate the Labor Tribunal System in Japan: Key findings of the 2010 Labor Tribunal Survey,” Paper presented at Annual Conference of RCSL, August 5th, 2013, in Toulouse, France.

Educational Activities in 2015

Graduate School of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo Sociology of Law
Law School, The University of Tokyo Socio-legal Perspective on Law
Law School, Keio University Sociology of Law
Facluty Of Law, Tohoku University Sociology of Law