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Division Center for Social Research and Data Archives
Research fields Social Stratification, Economic Sociology

Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2014 − March 2016 Research Associate, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
April 2016 − Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Topics of research

1Career Mobility and Life Course Perspective of Japanese Expatriates
This study aims to investigate career trajectories and life course perspectives of Japanese youth and middle-aged expatriates, and social structural aspects causing the transnational career mobility. Both economic and cultural anthropological perspectives adopt a more individualistic stance, but institutional and social mechanisms for transnational career mobility should be further investigated. We focus on how Japanese expatriates are embedded into both Japanese and the host societies and approach it by conducting a longitudinal survey of them.
2Structure and Dynamics of "Negative Social Networks"
Social connection to others is usually thought to be desirable for one's daily life, and there is much empirical evidence supporting the expectation. We also know some social ties are demanding or to be avoided, and some researchers reveal their negative aspects toward social and economic lives. However, the characteristics and changes of these ""Negative Social Networks"" have not been sufficiently investigated compared with ""Positive"" social networks. We aim to develop the comprehensive understanding of social networks through empirical analyses of both positive and negative social networks.
3Immigrant Children's Educational Opportunity and Experience
As more and more immigrants live in Japan, their children's education becomes more substantial policy and research issues. While there are some in-depth qualitative studies vividly describe the social contexts of immigrant children's education, we do not have much information about its quantitative characteristics. In this study, we work on the educational opportunity and experience of immigrant children in Japan by utilizing some existing large-scale data such as population census of Japan.

Selected publications

  • “Reconsidering the "Institutional Linkage" Effect in the School to Work Transition Process in Japan : A Trend Analysis on the First Job Turnover” (in Japanese), The Journal of Educational Sociology, No. 94, May, 2014, pp. 325-44.
  • “Negative Assimilation: How Immigrants Experience Economic Mobility in Japan” (with Ayumi Takenaka, Makiko Nakamuro), International Migration Review, First published online on 9 February, 2015.
  • “A Log-linear Analysis on the Structure of Early Career Mobility in Japan: Using Job History Data of JLPS and SSM” (in Japanese), Panel Survey Project Discussion Paper Series No. 84, Dec, 2014.
  • “Gender Difference on Career Mobility of Lawyers,” (with Satoshi Miwa) Mayumi Nakamura (ed), The Work-Life Balance of Lawyers (in Japanese), Akashi Shoten, April 2015, pp.29-54.
  • “The Empirical Study of Time Spent Studying for Children of Immigrants in Japan,” (with Makiko Nakamuro, Ayumi Takenaka and Tomohiko Inui) The Economic Analysis, No.190, January 2016, pp.47-68.
  • “The Academic Achievement of Immigrant Children in Japan: An Empirical Analysis of the Assimilation Hypothesis,” (with Makiko Nakamuro and Ayumi Takenaka) Educational Studies in Japan: International Yearbook, No.10, Marth 2016, 93-107.
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  • “Social distancing as a public good under the COVID-19 pandemic,” (with Susumu Cato,Takashi Iida,Asei Ito,Kenneth Mori McElwain,Masahiro Shoji), Public Health 188, November 2020, 51-53
  • “The bright and dark sides of social media usage during the COVID-19 pandemic: Survey evidence from Japan,” (with Susumu Cato, Takashi Iida, Asei Ito, Hiroto Katsumata, Kenneth Mori McElwain, Masahiro Shoji), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 54, February 2021, 102034

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