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Research Staff

Akifumi Ishihara

Division Department of Comparative Contemporary Economics
Research Fields Contract Theory, Industrial Organization, Organizational Economics, Political Economy
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Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2012 Ph.D in Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science
April 2019 − March 2023 Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo
April 2023 − Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Topics of Research

1Incentive Problems in Organizations
2Firms’ Strategies in Markets
3Strategic Decision Making in Public Sectors

Selected Publications

  • “Pre-emptive Production and Market Competitiveness in Oligopoly with Private Information” (with Yuki Amemiya and Tomoya Nakamura), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2021) 30(2): 449--455.
  • “Exclusive Content in Two-Sided Markets” (with Ryoko Oki), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2021) 30(3): 638--654.
  • “On Multitasking and Job Design in Relational Contracts,” Journal of Industrial Economics, (2020) 68(4): 693-736.
  • “Strategic Candidacy for Political Compromise in Party Politics,” Journal of Theoretical Politics, (2020) 32(3): 389-408.
  • “Dark Sides of Patent Pools with Compulsory Independent Licensing” (joint with Noriyuki Yanagawa), International Journal of Industrial Organization, (2018) 57(1): 1–34.
  • “Transparency and Performance Evaluation in Sequential Agency” (joint with Susumu Cato), Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, (2017) 33(3): 475–506.
  • “Relational Contracting and Endogenous Formation of Teamwork,” RAND Journal of Economics, (2017) 48(2): 335–357.
  • “Relational Political Contribution under Common Agency,” Journal of Public Economic Theory, (2017) 19(2): 527–547.
  • “Minor Candidates as Kingmakers” (joint with Shintaro Miura), Public Choice, (2017) 170(3), 253–263.
  • “Role of Information Rents in Relational Contracts, ”Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, (2016) 25(4), 936–957.
  • “Concessions and Repression in Conflict” (joint with Prakarsh Singh), B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, (2016) 16(2), 865–899.

Educational Activities

Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo Economics of Contracts and Organization