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Research Staff

Asei Ito

update at 13 May 2014

Division Contemporary China Research Base
Research fields The Chinese Economy, Regional economy, and Small Business Studies

Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2012 - Project Research Associate, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Publications (2013- )


  1. Marukawa, Tomoo, Asei Ito, and Yongqi Zhang ed. 2014. China's Outward Foreign Investment Data, Contemporary Chinese Research Base series No.15, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo.
  2. Suehiro, Akira, Asei Ito, Keiichiro Oizumi, Seiya Sukegawa, Hidetsugu Morita. 2014. Is China's southern advance Sinicizing Southeast Asia?, Contemporary Chinese Research Base series No.13, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo.

Selected publications ( -2012)

  1. “From a ‘Black Market’ to a ‘Pantheon of Miscellaneous Goods’: A Regional Development in Yiwu, China”, Hiroyuki Kato ed., Urbanization and Industrial Agglomerations in Yangtze Delta, Keiso Shobo, pp.152-177, 2012(in Japanese).
  2. “Transformations of Industrial Clusters in Japan: Clustering and “Made in Japan” ”, Guangdong Science and Technology, No.280, pp.51-60, 2012(in Chinese).
  3. “Agglomeration Economies with Heterogeneous firms in China: Evidence from Firm-Level Data in 2007” Journal of Social Science, Vol.63, No.3, pp.121-141, 2011.
  4. Asei Ito, “Industrial Relocation from Coastal China: An Empirical Analysis on “the Domestic Flying Geese Pattern””, Journal of Chinese Economic Studies, Vol.10, No.1, 2013(in Japanese).
  5. Asei Ito, “Growth and Expansion of Industrial Cluster in Pearl River Delta: A Case Study of Guzhen Lighting Industry”, Mita Journal of Economics, Vol.105, No.3, 2012(in Japanese).
  6. Asei Ito, “The End of “Workshop of the World”?: New Challenges for China and the Global Manufacturing Equilibrium”, Newsletter of the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, 2013.
  7. Asei Ito, “Industrial Agglomeration and Dispersion in China: Evidence from Province- and City-Level Data in the 2000s”, paper presented at the Asia Pacific Economic Association, conference on “China and the World Economy”, 15-16th, March, 2013, at University of Tokyo.

Topics of research

(1) Studies on industrial development and industrial cluster in contemporary China
(2) Comparative studies on industrial clusters and SMEs in East Asia