Institute of Social Science The University of Tokyo

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Research Staff

SHAW Meredith Rose

Division Department of International Japanese Society
Research Fields Comparative politics

Teaching and Research Appointments

June 2018 - Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Topics of Research

1Comparative politics of East Asia
Comparative politics of culture (Japan, Mongolia, Korea), Culture in Contentious Politics (Korea, Mongolia, China,Japan)
2International Relations
Political dynamics of divided nations (Korea, Mongolia)

Selected Publications

  • Meredith Shaw (2023) "Learning to Love the Bomb: Depictions of Nuclear and Missile Technology in North Korean Literature." In A Korean Peninsula Free of Nuclear Weapons: Perspectives on Socioeconomic Development, ed. Chan Young Bang (pp. 35-49). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.
  • "Changing Views of China and South Korean Politics" Mansfield-Luce Asia Scholars Network Policy Brief, February 2023
  • Book Review: ["POPULAR CULTURE AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF JAPAN-KOREA RELATIONS" Edited by Rumi Sakamoto and Stephen Epstein] in Pacific Affairs, Forthcoming
  • Meredith Shaw “Godzilla vs Pulgasari: Anti-Japanism and Anti-Communism as Dueling Antagonisms in South Korean Politics,” Journal of East Asian Studies, 22(2), 201-230. DOI:
  • Meredith Shaw “The abyss gazes back: how North Korean propaganda interprets sanctions, threats and diplomacy,” The Pacific Review, 35:1, (2022): pp.202-228.
  • Meredith Shaw "The 'Strong and Prosperous' Slogan in Recent North Korean Fiction", On Korea Vol.12, (2019): 113-125.
  • David Kang, Ronan Tse-min Fu, Meredith Shaw, and Dat Nguyen, “War, Rebellion, and Intervention under Hierarchy: Vietnam-China Relations, 1365-1841,“ Journal of Conflict Resolution (2019): pp.896-922.
  • Meredith Shaw and David Kang, “The Seventy-Year History of North Korean Cultural Formation“, in The Routledge Handbook of Korean Culture and Society, Dec 2016.
  • David Kang, Ronan Tse-min Fu and Meredith Shaw, “Measuring War in Early Modern East Asia, 1368-1841: Introducing Chinese and Korean language sources,“ International Studies Quarterly, Volume 60, Issue 4, 1 December 2016, pp.766–777.