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Research Staff

Yoko Ikeda

update at 05 June 2015

Research fields Cultural Anthropology

Teaching and Research Appointments

April 2014 − Research Associate, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Publications (2014- )

Selected publications (-2013)

  1. “Gentrification and Community Gardens: A Community-based Urban Greening Movement in New York City,” (*The original article in Japanese), Journal of Cultural Anthropology (Waseda Society of Cultural Anthyropology), 13, Dec-2012, pp.76-89.
  2. “The Construction of Risk and the Resilience of Fukushima in the Aftermath of the Nuclear Power Plant Accident,” in Japan Copes with Calamity: Ethnographies of the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disasters of March 2011, Tom Gill, Brigitte Steger and David H. Slater, eds. Bern: Peter Lang, 2013, pp.151-176.
  3. (Translation) Charles McJilton, “Shien o Kobamu Hitobito: Hisaichishien no Shoheki to Bunkateki Haikei” (“Those Who Refuse Aid: The Obstacles in Helping the Affected Areas and the Cultural Reasons Behind Them”), pp. 31-62; Brigitte Steger, “Mina Issho Dakara” (“We Are in This Together”), pp. 271-300; “Kachan Dete Konai” (“My Wife Is Still Missing”), pp. 362-365, in Higashinihon Daishinsai no Jinruigaku: Tsunami, Genpatsujiko to Hisaishatachi no Sonogo (“Anthropology of The East Japan Disaster: Tsunami, Nuclear Power Plant Accident, and the Life of Those Affected”), Tom Gill, Brigitte Steger, and David Slater, eds. Tokyo: Jinbun Shoin 2013.

Topics of research

(1)The Community Garden Movement in New York City
My research looks at the community garden movement in New York City as a community-based urban greening movement led by local residents. There are two focal points for the research. One examines the role of community-run green spaces in neighborhoods, especially focusing on their influence on community-building, their contributions to making cities more sustainable, and their relationship with an area's gentrification. A second explores what makes New York City's community garden movement successful and long-lasting.
(2)Social Construction of Risk after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Using my experiences as a resident in Fukushima-prefecture during and after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, I examine how discussions of risk related to the accident unfolded and were shaped in the media, cyberspace, academia, and on street corners. I focus on how the social perspectives of risk affected the drawing of imaginary and real boundaries between the “safe” and the “contaminated.” The next phase will examine how discourses of risk shape and influence rebuilding once-evacuated cities and villages.