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Research Staff

update at 01 April. 2016

Name Position Research fields
A ARITA, Shin Professor Comparative Sociology(Education, Labor Market, and Social Stratification in East Asia)
ASAI, Yukiko JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Labor Economics
C CATO, Susumu Associate Professor
F FUJITANI, Takeshi Associate Professor Law of Public Finance, Administrative Law
G GENDA, Yuji Professor Labor Economics
H HAMAOKI, Kantaro Project Researcher
HAYASHI, Tomonobu Professor Constitutional law
HIRASHIMA, Kenji Professor German Politics, Comparative Politics
HIWATARI, Nobuhiro Professor Political Economy
HOSHIRO, Hiroyuki Associate Professor International Relations, Japan's Foreign Policy
I IIDA, Takashi Associate Professor Sociology of Law, Law and Economics
IKEDA, Yoko Research Associate Cultural Anthropology
ISHIDA, Hiroshi Professor Comparative Social Stratification
ISHIDA, Kenji Associate Professor Social Stratification, Economic Sociology
ISHIKAWA, Hiroyasu Professor Civil Law, Legal History
ITAYAMA, Mayumi Project Researcher
ITO, Asei Associate Professor The Chinese Economy, Regional economy, and Small Business Studies
K KAGAWA, Mei Project Research Associate
KEZUKA, Kazuhiro Project Researcher
KONDO, Ayako Associate Professor Labor Economics
M MAEDA, Yukio Professor Political Behavior, Public Opinion
MARUKAWA, Tomoo Professor Chinese Economy
MATSUMURA, Toshihiro Professor Industrial Organization, Public Economics, Regional Science
MCELWAIN, Kenneth M. Associate Professor Political Institutions, Public Opinion
MIWA, Satoshi Professor
MIZUMACHI Yuichiro Professor Labor and Employment Law
MORI, Izumi Research Associate
MOTOHAMA, Naoko Project Academic Support Specialist Sociology of Education
N NAKABAYASHI, Masaki Professor Economic History, Business History, Comparative Institutional Analysis
NAKAGAWA, Junji Professor International Law, International Economic Law
NAKAGAWA, Muneto Project Researcher
NAKAMURA, Naofumi Professor Business and Economic History
NOBLE, Gregory W. Professor Comparative Public Administration
O OSAWA, Mari Professor Comparative Gender Analysis of Social Policies
OWAN, Hideo Professor Organizational economics, labor economics, industrial organization
OTAKI, Masayuki Professor Macroeconomics, Business Cycle Theory, Economic Growth Theory
OTAYA, Satoshi Director Sociology of Education
S STEELE, Jackie F. Associate Professor Comparative Politics (Electoral Systems Design, Quotas, Representation of Gender, Diversity and Minority Voices);
Political Thought (Critical Democratic Theory, Feminisms, Neo-Republicanism, Queer Theory, Multinational Democracy, Post-colonialism, Radical Democratic Politics)
SATO, Iwao Professor Sociology of Law
SAITO, Tetsushi Associate Professor French Law
SAKAI, Mayo Lecturer
SASAKI, Dan Professor Legal and Institutional Economics
SATO, Kaori Project Researcher
SATO, Kaoru Professor Quantitative Historical Sociology, Educational Sociology
SHIRAKAWA, Toshiyuki Research Associate
SUZUKI, Fumiko Associate Professor Family Sociology
T TANAKA, Ryuichi Professor
TANAKA, Wataru Professor Commercial Law
TOMABECHI, Natsuho Research Associate
U UNO, Shigeki Professor History of Political Theory, Political Philosophy
W WANG, Shuai Project Researcher