Research Staff

Wataru Tanaka

update at 24 Jun. 2014

Division Department of Comparative Contemporary Law
Research fields Commercial Law

Teaching and Research Appointments

Semptember 2007 - Associate Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

Publications (2012- )


  1. “Numerical Analysis of Corporate Law” (in Japanese)(edition, Yuhikaku, 2013).
  2. “Corporate Takeovers and Defenses” (in Japanese)(Shoji-homu, 2012).

Selected publications ( -2011)

  1. “Extinguishing Security Interests: Secured Claims in Japanese Business Reorganization Law and Some Policy Implications for U.S. Law”, Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal, 22(2), pp.427-479, 2006.
  2. “Corporate Law” (in Japanese)(co-authored with Yasushi Ito, Kenichi Osugi and Hideyuki Matsui, 2nd ed., Yuhikaku, 2011).
  3. “Going-private and the Role of Courts: A Comparison of Delaware and Japan,” UT Soft Law Review, No.3, pp.12-23, Mar 2011.

Topics of research

(1) Duty and liability of corporate directors
(2) Mergers and associations, especially hostile takeovers and going-private transactions
(3) Economic analysis of law

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